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Practice Blog

The Practice Blog is for dietitians and by dietitians!  Our members from across the country share their diverse experiences. 

What the Practice Blog can do for you:

  • Help you create connections through shared experiences and storytelling.
  • Engage you in issues that impact your practice.
  • Encourage participation from other dietitians because of your comments and through social media sharing.
  • Inspire you and increase your profile by promoting the diversity of our profession’s roles, responsibilities and experiences.
The Practice Blog is a reflection of you – your stories and your practice experiences. Check out the Writing Guidelines  for ideas on the type of content that you can share.  Have questions or would like to share a story? Contact

Disclaimer: The opinions of the bloggers are their own. Dietitians of Canada encourages submissions and provides publishing support but does not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided. Please contact the writer directly for concerns or questions about the content.
From Apprehension to Confidence: A Student’s Experience with Interprofessional Education and Collaboration Dec 04, 2019 Author: Qianxi Tang The challenges and rewards of interprofessional collaboration as a student. Use of thickened fluids in long term care: Is there a better alternative? Sep 08, 2019 Author: Winnie Hung “Winnie, Mr. B had excessive coughs when drinking his apple juice yesterday. Can you assess if he would benefit from thickened fluids?” This is the type of message I receive on a regular basis from nurses and other care team members. Spearheading Nutrition Month 2019: What happened at the Hospital for Sick Children Jun 10, 2019 Author: Julia Celestini and Curtis D’Hollander How two dietetic interns celebrated Nutrition Month at Sick Kids Hospital. Fasting during Ramadan: What dietitians need to know & how to help your clients May 26, 2019 Author: Mohamed Rezk Ramadan is the one month per year where Muslims fast from dawn until sunset every day by refraining from food, water, smoking, medications, and even gum. Pregnant and breastfeeding women, children, seniors A Day in the Life of a Home Care Dietitian Apr 03, 2019 Author: Lynsey Mossop Learn more about the daily roles and responsibilities of a dietitian working in home care. How I Got My First-Choice Dietetic Internship: A Sneak Peek into My Application Aug 03, 2018 Author: Evita Basilio Eight strategies to help ace the internship process. My Freeze-Drying Adventures Jun 21, 2018 Author: Wendy Busse Learn how food preservation, specifically freeze drying can be part of your practice. My Reflection about McGill’s Master’s of Science Applied in Human Nutrition- Dietetics Credentialing Apr 20, 2018 Author: Alaa El-Danab, MSc.A, RD Highlights and advice about this post-graduate program in Montreal. Reducing Food Loss and Waste - A Dietitian’s Role Mar 05, 2018 Author: Janelle Hatch What dietitians can do in their communities to get involved in food rescue programs and reduce food waste. Reflections on my PMDip Program Experience Feb 06, 2018 Author: Carmen El-Khazen A personal account of the PMDip program for students exploring different post-graduate practicum programs.
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